More recent custom pedals. Read and get ideas… | September 2, 2016

We’re constantly getting requests for custom pedals, and they get more and more custom… or, more and more weird. All good though. They are fun to figure out with customers, and bring them to life. The longer NosePedal is around, the more you’ll see additions to the custom projects on the website. This will help you get ideas for your rig. Whether it’s signal routing, loopers, buffers, boosts, just ask, we can probably get it done for you. Here are a few recent custom pedals…


Bank Up/Down
A single “up” “down” bank swtich for pedals like the Eventide Timefactor. Toggle up for “bank up”, and toggle down for “bank down”. Takes up very little space at only 2 x 2 inches.



Volume with Volume Bypass
Built for a drummer be used with his hand. This is a simple volume pedal with a bypass toggle. When the toggle is in bypass mode, the volume level is bypass, so it’s at full volume.



Double Switch Router
Sometimes you need a lot to happen with one stomp of the foot. I’m not going to really get into what this pedal does, because it’s extremely confusing- but makes sense to us and the clients needs. Basically, it swtiches and routes 4 or so different signal paths at all once. Yay!



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