Who We Are

Based out of Nashville, TN, NosePedal was founded in 2011 by Aaron Tomberlin. In 2017, NosePedal partnered and joined forces with Westminster Effects, founded by Cody Fields and based out of Greenville, SC. We’re now acting as one merged company developing products for two different brands.

Our Purpose

In the beginning we set out to create a DDIY company (Don’t Do It Yourself). Our goal as a company is to be the best possible pedalboard solutions company we can be. What does that mean? Our focus is taking what already goes on at your feet when you’re playing guitar and making it an overall better experience. We accomplish this by 1) working with individual customers and building custom pedals, 2) providing a wide selection of utility or “add-on” pedals, 3) hand building awesome looking pedalboards, 4) creating great mods, and 5) improving sound quality.


USA Boutique

For us, boutique simply means small business and made by hand, in the USA. Some of our parts may come from random places around the world, but any product you order from NosePedal is built by hand, by one of us. For pedals, this means we start with an enclosure, drill it to spec, hand paint it, assemble the parts, and hand wire it to completion. For boards, we start with a sheet of wood, measure, cut out, route, and sand the pieces to spec, assemble the frame by hand, wrap with custom tolex or tweed, then wire and assemble all added extras. Yes, it takes time, but it also makes it special.


Our Place in the Marketplace

In the last few years, we’ve seen a boom of effect pedal companies. Companies building on old ideas and coming up with new ones. But we’re really not an effects pedal company. We may have a few here and there, but we are a custom pedalboard solutions company. We specialize in making products that fulfill the needs of the player. This includes utility pedals, personalized pedalboards, mods, and circuits. We’ve tried hard to find a place in the market where we’re needed. This is why NosePedal began.