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Hey! We are happy to help you with any questions you may have about our products. Our typical prodcution & customer service work week is Monday - Thursday from 10AM - 6PM (CT). Please keep in mind that, currently, we do not have a "customer service" department. We're only a few guys building gear for you and will respond to your questions when we can. We will usually get back to you within 1-2 business days, but depending on our work load. We are constantly busy in production and working with other customers. The guys who build your stuff are also answering your questions, so it can take time. Answers to questions about payment, shipping, warranty, compatibilty, diminsions, and many others can be found in the Company pages and FAQ page of the website. This contact form is the best and most reliable way to contact us. Please just email us. Also, do us a big favor by not trying to contact us through social media. Days can pass before we see, if ever, your messages. Thanks!

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Sometimes while we are working, we'll have the live chat turned on. Look for the red tab at the bottom right of the website. If it's not there, we're not around, but look for it weekdays around normal business hours, CT. Nashviille, TN USA. If you send a message and do not get a response, try refreshing the page- especially on mobile devices. Thanks!

Need To Make A Custom Order?

NosePedal does many custom orders for pedals, pedalboards, and mods! Before emailing us, feel free to check out the custom areas of the website to get ideas and to answer your questions about what we can do. Visit the Pedalboards page to see a live quote that you can submit, or the Custom Looper page to also see a live quote. See the Custom Pedal form for other inquires. Thanks!

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Visit FAQs!

Need a super quick answer? Just visit our FAQs Page Here. Maybe someone has already asked the question for you. We have tons of information on the page with just general questions about pedals, to production and tech question. If you still need additional help, or more information, please feel free to contact us. Thanks so much!