Nose Custom Pedals: 1) Get Ideas 2) Design Your Own 3) Get A Quote 4) Order

We get requests to build custom pedals all the time, and we love doing it. From the function and wiring to cool artwork and paint jobs. Below are a few that we've done for customers so far. Look through them and get ideas for something specific you might need for your board. If an example isn't here, no worries, just email us on the custom order form page with your idea.

Mini Mixer/Boost

Custom built 3 input, 2 buffered outputs, mini mixer with oversized knob boost control and a clickless soft touch switch for engaging the boost. Click on the image to go to the blog posting about this pedal.

Boost/Tap Tempo 2-in-1

Custom built 2-in-1 dual pedal. One side is a clean boost with oversized knob for controlling gain on the fly. The other side is a tap tempo switch. Custom painted gray sparkle with purple accents, and a purple LED. Click on the image to go to the blog posting about this pedal.

Denbo's Buffered AB-ABY

Custom made pedal for bassist Tim Denbo. A buffered AB Input with AB outputs, also a "Both" or "Y" buffered output option. He's running an upright bass and electric bass input, with multiple options of outputs in his rig. Click to read the full blog and see more images.

Multivox Echo Head Footswitch

A custom amp head footswitch built for a Multivox Echo head. We've built multiple amp head footswitchs. Let us know what you have and we'll get yours built too. Since this can be used for different heads, we used "peel-off" labels just in case the labeling changes over time.

Bank Up/Down

A single "up" "down" bank swtich for pedals like the Eventide Timefactor. Toggle up for "bank up", and toggle down for "bank down". Takes up very little space at only 2 x 2 inches.

Volume w/ Volume Bypass

Built for a drummer be used with his hand. This is a simple volume pedal with a bypass toggle. When the toggle is in bypass mode, the volume level is bypass, so it's at full volume.

Double Switch Router

Sometimes you need a lot to happen with one stomp of the foot. I'm not going to really get into what this pedal does, because it's extremely confusing- but makes sense to us and the clients needs. Basically, it swtiches and routes 4 or so different signal paths at all once. Yay!

65 Amps Head Footswitch

A custom amp head footswitch built for a 65 Amps Producer head. This will also work with the 65 London, and others. We actually built 3 of these for 3 idenical boards. We've built multiple amp head footswitchs. Let us know what you have and we'll get yours built too. Click the image for more details and images about these.

The Flipper

This is a input to output flipper. It takes the A/B input and flips it to B/A. It also features a power out connection. We can build pedals for all types of switching, flipping, swapping orders, etc. Click to see larger image plus front and back.

Micro Volume & Mute Switch

Another simple, yet custom pedal. This is Micro Volume pedal with a Mute Switch. Super small and useful. Click to read the full blog and see more images.

Giorgio's Buffered Looper

this custom looper features an AB Loop, Loops with trails, buffer, series power out, and more. Finished with a sparkle red paint job. Click to read the full blog and see more images.

Patrick - Buffered Control Box

Patrick is a custom, buffered, multi control box. It features an A/B loop switcher, with a volume control on each loop to dial back a volume boost in certain pedals with out a level control, like delays. It also features a tuner out and mute switch. The whole pedal is buffered- so using a tuner, or older pedals in the loops will not kill tone.

UFO Pedal

This wacky pedal was featured in a Giveaway. It's a hybrid of an on/off switch, 3-way syncing multi tap tempo or Strymon (TRS), normally open, and a toggle between N.O. and N.C., and including an effect order swapper. Read more about it by clicking the image.

Beefcake Thick Overdrive

The beefcake is two very clean and high gain boost circuits stacked. Cousin to the idea of the Chickenhead, this pedal will act as a dual boost pedal, but the magic is to use it as a very thick overdrive. Engaging booth gain circuits, and using the tone control to model the drive, or bypass the tone control completely with the toggle.

XL Knob Exp/Vol Combo & Mute

One oversized knob for an expression, the other oversized knob for volume. A great combo pedal. Also features a mute switch. Simple, useful, cool. Click to see more info and pictures.

XL Knob AB Vol Switcher & Mute

A and B inputs, both with oversized knob volume control. Also features a mute switch. Three great pedals in one. Probably the coolest thing about this pedal is the power in AND power out. Click to see more info and pictures.

Quentin's Buffered Switcher

This one is a bit harder to explain. In short, it switches the effects loops of two different amps. It's buffer, very custom, and very useful for this customer. Click to read more info and see more pictures of this pedal.

Custom Big Foot Expression

There are actually a lot of different options we can add to the Big Foot Expression pedals. This one is a TS/TS expression, with an added Expression Knob that uses a toggle to select between either a TS or TRS connection. So this is a 3-in-1 expression pedal. And we can do more!

Dual On/Off Latching/Momentary

This is a more complexed on/off switch. It's a dual on/off switch with both a latching and momentary switch for each channel. The LED on each channel works for both the latching and momentary switch as well. Momentary simply means that the signal is only muted while the switch is being held down.

Bare Buffered Looper/Switcher

A/B Input, 2 Loops with trails toggle, Order Swapper, Swapper LED is Blue "in order" and Red when "swapped". Buffered Output. We labeled everything on a bare metal enclosure with a gloss finish. Click to see more pictures, info, and customize your own looper/switcher.

Big Red - Custom Control Deck

Multi functional controller board built for a custom order. Click on the image to get more details. Create your own custom control strip or "box" to control your whole pedalboard. Get a quote on the custom shop order page of the website.


This is a great example of how crazy you can get when putting together a custom pedal. It has three loops. The first loop has a boost circuit, the second loop has a trails toggle, and the third loop is stereo. The loops are then sent to ABY dual buffered outputs. It also has two TRS expression jack switches that will use two expression pedals to switch to four pedals.

Faith, Love, Hope Looper

A five channel looper with a signal tap tempo switch, but with a cool paint job :)

TRS A/B Switcher

Straight forwarder. An A/B signal switcher that switches TRS connections. With a cool custom painted skull requested by a customer.

Custom Stereo Signal Router

This pedal has the ability to route stereo inputs and outputs with switchable options of stereo inputs 1 or 2, stereo outputs 1 or 2, and bypass. Need your signal chain to do something very specific? We can probably hook you up!

Looper A/B Switcher

This custom A/B looper switcher will allow connections (send and returns) of two pedals. One switch will switch between the two loops, while the other switch is the master bypass- bypassing both pedals at once.

Mini Looper w/ Trails Toggle

This is a custom Nose Mini Looper. It features a trails/tails toggle on the second (last) loop in the chain which when engaged, will allow delay and reverb tails to trail out instead of an abrupt stop when the loop is bypassed. Also, a custom silver paint job.

Looper w/ Tuner Out & Trials

A pretty sharp looking, black custom looper. As the size of the Little Looper, it features a tuner out, a standard loop, and a loop with a trails toggle option.

True Bypass Loop w/ Trails

This is simply a single true bypass looper with trails toggle. In the Store tab, go to Custom Looper builder to design the looper you want.

Custom A-Lot-In-A-Box

We crammed a lot into this pedal. It has two loops, one stereo, one mono, both with a trails toggle. It also has a master mute switch. Finally it has two buffered outputs starting from the stereo true bypass loop.

Looper w/ Send/Return Volume

This is a true bypass looper with a volume control in the send and return loop. Say you have a chorus pedal that, for whatever reason, gets louder when it's engaged- the volume control will allow you to back down the volume of the engaged loop.

Nightmare Looper Switcher

Dude this pedal is both really cool and creative, but was a nightmare to wire and think about... for a few mintues. Featuring 4 loops, a master bypass, and an effect order switcher. Click for more details.

Feedback Looper w/ Exp Out

The feedback looper is already a pretty crazy pedal when it comes to making new sounds. This customer wanted even more. A custom look with the ability to flip a toggle and use the feedback control with a larger expression pedal. Yes, we'll be happy to mod pedals we already have as a product.

Strymon Favorite & Tap Tempo

A two in one pedal with a custom look. This is a hybrid of our Handyman pedal which will work as a Strymon favorite switch and a tap tempo pedal configured for a Strymon connection. Separate connections.

Ctrl Strip - Exp, Vol, Loop, Tap

Click on the image to get more details. Create your own custom control strip or "box" to control your whole pedalboard. Get a quote on the custom shop order page of the website. This one features two expression, a volume, a true bypass loop, and a multi tap tempo.

Ctrl Strip w/ Swap & Dimmer

A custom control strip that features an order swapper. This particular setup will swap the customers compressor pedal from the end of his chain, to the beginning of his chain. This control strip also features an LED dimmer control to adjust the brightness of the LEDs for indoor, outdoor or different stage lighting situations. Click the image for more details.

Ctrl Strip w/ Amp Switches

Another custom control strip for the same customer as the one before. This one also has Vox amp switches built in, with a second function as a Handyman switch for "Amp 2". This control strip also features an LED dimmer control to adjust the brightness of the LEDs for indoor, outdoor or different stage lighting situations. Also, with LED dimmer control.

Expression w/ On/Off Switch

An expression pedal, just like the Nose Purp or Blue, but with an On/Off Switch that will turn off the expression without having to roll the knob (or sweep) back to the left (off position). Also features indicator LEDs.

TRS Exp. w/ Minimum Knob

This is a TRS expression pedal, just like the Nose Blue, but with a minimum knob. The minimum allows you to dial in the minimum setting of expression desired, to better set the sweep of the larger knob. Having two knobs also allows for two settings- the smaller knob for one preset, the larger to be controlled by your foot.

Volume w/ Tuner Out Switch

Just a volume pedal that will allow you to switch between your vollume control, and muting your signal for a send to your tuner pedal.

Soyombo Tap Tempo

Simply a tap tempo pedal for a customer that wanted a custom "inked" design of a soyombo symbol.

A/B Input, 4 Loops, Swapper

A custom build featuring an A/B Input which is sent to four true bypass loops, with a loop channel swapper that switches the order of loops two and three. Order swapping can create completely new sounds in certain combinations of pedals. Click the image for more details on this custom pedal.

This & That Loop Switcher

Loop switchers are another ultility pedal getting popular. This allows for switching between two pedals in two different loopss- like overdrives. Say you always want an overdrive on, but two different overdrives at different gains, volumes, or tones, this pedal will let you switch between each one with only one stomp- bypassing the other.

ABC to AB Line Switcher

A very cool and versatile line switcher, this custom pedal allows for three different inputs (ABC) to be switched between two different outputs (AB). An example for use could be switching a Wurlitzer, Acoustic, and Electric guitar all through the same pedalboard to either two different amps, or having an output to the mixer and another to your amp.

Strymon Tap Favorite Box

This is a TRS, Strymon, Tap or Favorite hyrbid pedal. It has one TRS jack for connecting to a pedal with the tap or favorite control. The top switch switches between the function of the pedal- either tap or favorite. Then the other two switches simply engages the function that is selected.

Five Loops, A/B Outs, & Volt.

A custom 5 channel Skinny Looper with the option of A/B Outputs for two amps or two other signal paths. Also installed on the side is a small Nose Voltilizer. Click the image to see more info.

Good-Bad-Ugly Looper

This is a three channel true bypass looper, with a few changes. The Good and Bad switch is an A/B switcher that switches between two loops. The Ugly switch is just it's own true bypass looper- on and off.

Just Another On/Off, or is it?

Put this pedal anywhere in your chain to break your guitar signal for a mute. Go for unpluggin and changing guitars, muting your guitar quickly instead of using your volume pedal, or even just having a "secret mute" switch on your board that other people don't know what it is so they can figure out how to play on your rig during shows when you're not around ;)

TRS A/B Line Switcher

This is an A/B Line Switcher, but for TRS or "stereo" jacks. There is a purpose for everything! Bare enclousre with a clear coat finish and violet LEDs. Looks cool, functions great! Click to view larger.

Amp Switcher & Looper Box

This is a hybride of a true bypass loop and the Handyman pedal all in one box. In this scenario, the Handyman works as an amp switcher for an Orange amp. TRS split out to two TS connections for the amp. The loop side can be used for whatever is needed.

Black Multi Tap Tempo

Just our Nose Multi Tap tempo, in black. This one features a normally closed connection, a Strymon connection, and a toggle switch that switches one connection between normally closed and normally open. This pedal will alo sync up to three pedals with tap tempo connections.

Black Stereo Volume

Just an all black, stereo volume pedal. It will control two channels of volume. It's great when at the end of your pedalboard signal chain to control the volume level of two amps- turning your whole pedalboard up and down.

Black Knob Expression

This pedal is the same as our Nose Purp expression, and can also be configured as a TRS or Nose Blue pedal. This customer just wanted one in all black.

On/Off Tap Tempo Hybrid

A custom on/off signal stomp switch with a tap tempo control. Red LED indicator for on/off. Great little pedal, simple and sweet. Just another way to get a lot of use out of a small space on your board. Click to view larger.

Loop & Tap Hybrid

A simple true bypass loop channel with a blue LED at the top. Then a single tap tempo stomp at the bottom. Makes for two very useful featuers on a pedalboard.

Loop w/ Volume Control

This is a custom pedal that features a single true bypass loop channel with volume control for the send and receive. The volume is only active when the loop channel is engaged. Great for when looping in a pedal that has a bad volume increase when engaged, or just controling the volume of one, or a group of pedals.

DL4 Expression Looper Box

Built for a keyboard player, this pedal features two separate true bypass loopers, and a TS Expression knob. The two separate "In's and Out's" is for the stereo feature on the Line 6 DL4, enabling bypassing or for each of the Left and Right DL4 channels. And of course, you've gotta have the Expression knob to open up the 3 extra channels on the DL4.

TS Expression/Multi Tap Hybrid

This pedal is a hybride between the left side of the Nose Quad Box, and a Nose Multi Tap Tempo pedal. It will switch between two different pedals for use of the expression knob, as well as syncing two different pedals with tap tempo out's with the right tap tempo swtich. Very cool and useful hybrid pedal. The color is called Clay Red.

"Inked" Designed Quad Box

A custom designed Nose Quad Box. Called the "Blood of Jesus" Quad Box. Scrpiture covers the pedal- bet you've never seen a pedal like that huh? But don't worry, it's only red paint. This pedal was designed for a guitarist in a worship band. Do you have an image or idea that you'd like to see on a pedal? Start your custom order now!

Nose Custom Fat Looper

Design your own True Bypass Looper. Different layouts, multiple channel loops, custom colors and LEDs. This is a custom fat looper, it features 6 loops in one 4.67" x 3.68" x 1.95" enclosure. You can also request looper strips in the size 2.6" x 9.75" x 2". We'll fit as many channels as possible into whatever size you need.

Nose Expression Switch

Looking for an expression switch? This custom expression switch works great for selecting between two expression settings- perfect for the Line 6 DL4 to quickly open 3 new channels (also MM4, DM4, and FM4). Request TRS or TS expression,custom color, custom knob color, and LEDs.

Nose Custom Multi Tap/Looper

A hybrid of a Nose Multi Tap Tempo with both normally closed and normally open connections with a Nose True Bypass Looper all built in the same pedal. Customize the design, pedal color, and LEDs.

Nose Volume With Tuner Out

This custom pedal is simply a Nose Volume pedal but with a tuner out built in and a switch to select between the volume out and tuner out. When the tuner out is selected, it mutes the volume.

Expression Switch & Looper

This is a Nose Custom TS Expression Switch for the Line 6 DL4 and similar products with two true bypass loops. Just like the smaller single expression switch, this pedal features LEDs for both knobs.

2X TRS Expression & Volume

This pedal is a hybrid between the TRS expression side of the Nose Quad Box and a Nose Volume pedal, and painted green. Perfect if you need one pedal to have multiple functions on your board.

Nose Custom On/Off Switch

Yup, simply an on/off switch. Use it however you'd like. We have this as a product, but you can still request your own layout and look. Put this pedal inside another custom job pedal- use it to switch on and off any signal. Request any size, color, and LED color.

Nose Expression & Tap Hybrid

A great example of a simple Nose Custom pedal. This is simply an expression pedal with a tap tempo built in. Order a hybrid pedal like this when you have limited space and don't need multiple pedals.