#1) We like changing up designs and building pedals differently. So when you order directly from our store, you’re going to get something custom and unique. If you’d like something specific, either email us before ordering so we can get you a custom invoice sent, or state what you’re wanting in the “customer message” area of the Paypal checkout process- we’ll get it as close as possible (pedal color, knobs, pedals you see in pictures on the site).


#2) PLEASE, please, make sure your address is correct before paying an invoice, or ordering directly off the website. If using Paypal, please be sure the account address is the address you want for shipping.


#3) Yes, we ship internationally. Continue the checkout process and shipping will calculate.


#4) Check on our time frames before ordering. We don’t have huge warehouse stocked with pedals. Sometimes orders will be shipped out same day, sometimes we can be backed up weeks on certain products and custom pedals.


#5) Please, please, know what you are buying before you buy it. In general we do not accept returns- especially for custom pedals, custom pedalboards, and mods. If your pedal is DOA, which is rare, please email us the problem so we can troubleshoot and make sure it’s DOA. If so, then ship it back immediately- same day. We’re not trying to be rude, but our job as the manufacturer is to make gear that is useful for the musician- not a store front for testing out pedals. We still love you though :)