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CLICK HERE to view images of custom loopers and controllers built for other customers. Start building yours on the live quote form below..

PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION BELOW TO BETTER UNDERSTAND THE QUOTE BUILDER :) (especially for soft touch switching and stereo bypassing)

Order Process

Use the form to submit your custom looper order. We will respond very quickly to your requests to start your order. Once your order is confirmed, you’ll be invoiced directly. Shipping costs will then be added and will vary with every each order. We will give you the lowest possible shipping cost, usually USPS.  
NOTE: Use the “Select Configuration” option at the bottom to help adjust the accuracy of the quote. Also, be sure to READ ABOUT STEREO LOOPS below to help with any confusion about the quote form.


Looper Sizes

There are four looper sizes for custom ordering. The sizes are based off of our product loopers, Mini, Little, Skinny, and Fat. Max switches for Mini is two, Little is three, Skinny is 9, and Fat is 6. However, if you think it might fit anyway, submit and we’ll get back with you.


Color & Artwork

You can order your looper to look any way you want. First pick your base color, then select which type of artwork. If none, then we will just label the connections. We can also label everything on the pedal, making the pedal almost like the user manual which can look cool. Artistic freedom means that we will paint whatever we want, and will be different every time. If you can any requests, please tell us. LED colors will be specified through email before your order is placed.


Functional Options

You may not get anywhere near nine options, but we have them there just in case. Each switch, or position on your loop can function many ways. Please use the options to build and customize how your looper works.


About Options

First, put together your looper. Then, submit the quote and we’ll email you back shortly. Below is an explanation of the options:

[IMPORTANT] Stereo True Bypass Loops will bypass two mono channels at once- or a stereo channel. Multiple (more than 1) stereo bypasses REQUIRE soft touch relay circuits. Therefore, be sure to select “Add Stereo Soft-Touch Relay” under each option for an accurate quote, unless only adding one stereo loop at the end of the looper signal chain. This option can also have a trails toggle and amount control. Stereo true bypassing is tricky. If building a mix of mono and stereo loops (ex: 3 monos, 2 stereos), this should be built with a buffer and soft-touch relays for best results and functionality. If not, when you disengage a stereo loop, you’re back to the original mono input signal and you’ll lose the “Right” output. If building a looper with all stereo loops, two inputs and two outputs, a buffer is not required but still recommended for improving signal strength.

“Soft Touch” Relay Switch Options are switches without the “click”. Standard true bypassing uses latching switches that have the click. However, soft touch true bypass switching uses momentary switching with a relay circuit, removing the click of a standard switch. Soft Touch switching can be used for true bypassing, multiple channels of stereo true bypassing, mute switches, AB inputs or output and more. If you want soft touch options, simply select your main functional option first, then underneath, select the soft touch switch option at an additional cost.

— A Trails Toggle & Trails Amount Knob will allow you to toggle between instantly cutting your loop (standard) or allowing reverb and delay trails to fade out naturally. This function has been called both trails and tails, but are the same thing. Multiple toggles can be added, but only one recommended. To help adjust the signal amount and trails amount, we add the control knob for less or more trails. When engaging trails control, the output is no longer bypassed so a small amount of signal will be the result. The trails amount knob will help you adjust between more or less trails, and less or more signal loss, vice verses. For more info on this, check out the FAQ page.

— A Position or Order Swapper will move the position of a loop to a different position in the signal chain. More than one of these can be added. Great for switching the order of compressors, fuzzes, delays, overdrive stacking, etc.

A/B Inputs and Outputs are self explanatory but are useful when needing to switch instruments or amps quickly. A “B” channel from the A/B could be used to send the signal to your tuner, also acting as a mute switch. A,B, & C or A,B, BOTH with buffered outputs are also offered.

— An LED Dimmer is usually installed on a side of the looper and will allow control over the brightness of the LEDs. Plus, it’s really cool.

Tap Tempos don’t have anything to do with loops, but we can install them into the pedal too. You have the option of adding up to three connections for one switch which will allow tap syncing.

— A Master True Bypass will bypass the entire looper with one switch- all loops, all pedals.

— A Mute Switch & Tuner Out is simply a mute switch. It will instantly kill your signal completely. A mute switch is a good place to put a tuner output. Please specify in your message if you’d like to have a tuner output engage when you mute your signal.

— A Power Output allows the flow of power out from the looper to another pedal. This will come with the necessary adapter cable so you will not loose a power connection.


Add a Buffer

Add our Hero Buffer inside your looper for optimal signal flow. The buffer will restore any loss of tone or clarity from any of the pedals in your signal chain. Even with true bypassing, if you have a lot of cable or pedals on your board, especially vintage pedals, then you should have a buffer installed.


Add a Boost

We can also add boost circuits to custom loopers. Why not throw one in while you’re getting a new pedal built? Add one to the beginning or end of the signal chain. If you want one placed inside of a loop to boost certain pedals, we can do that too. Really, we can put them anywhere you want.


Estimate & Shipping Cost

The live quote will give you a pretty close estimate of what your total cost will be. Cost may change once we start talking back and forth to perfect your order. Shipping rates will be added once you receive your invoice. We work hard to be sure that we give you the lowest possible shipping rates.


Custom Orders

If you’re still looking to customize the functionality of your looper, then just put what you are looking for in the message. We’ve had crazy requests and enjoy taking and building whatever is possible.