Nose Quad Box Expression




The Quad Box can control up to 4 different effect pedal with expression inputs. It features two oversized control knobs that each control two connections that are switched between by the stomp switches. Each switch has a dual colored LED that lets you know which connection you are using by matching the color near each connection jack. The oversized control knobs are best used to adjust depths, feedback, rates, delay times (on pedals without tap tempo switches), etc. The best placement for this pedal would be at a bottom left or right corner of your pedalboard for easiest access and control. One of the coolest features about this pedal is that it has a power in AND power out connection (adapter cable included) so you won’t lose a power connection by using this pedal. You can order a custom version of this pedal where we can make the jacks any connection you want. Contact us on the contact page to start this custom build.



Dimensions of enclosure: 4.67″ x 3.68″ x 1.18″. About 2″ tall with knobs. Uses standard 9V DC power.



TS (Mono) Connections – Line 6, Eventide, Digitech products like the TimeBender.
TRS (Stereo) Connections – Boss, Electro Harmonix, TC Electronics, Zoom, Digitech, Strymon, JHS, & more. Contact support if you need to ask about compatibility with your pedal.



Video Demonstration

*Need this pedal with four TRS or four TS jacks? Send in your custom pedal request on the Custom Shop page.