Nose Volume Pro



The first thing that should catch your attention is the massive knob on this pedal. About double the size of our other large black knob, this knob is also heavier which increases control, smoothness, and accuracy. Put this pedal in numerous locations on your board- first in the signal chain as a guitar/swell volume, after the overdrive pedals, or even at the end of your chain to control the overall volume going out to your amp. The pedal also features a tuner out with a mute switch. Sound/Volume is on until you stomp the switch which will mute your signal and also send your signal out to your tuner. That is useful in itself, but it also gets your tuner out of your signal chain to keep from killing any tone. Also, the tuner out on this pedal will not kill your tone in any way because it’s on a mute switch that keeps your signal path, and tuner completely separate.

Still not exactly what you need? There are many ways to setup and build volume pedals. Stereo, buffered, etc. Contact us about a custom order!

Description & Compatibility

Works like any volume pedal- signal in and signal out, with a tuner out function. Dimensions of the pedal enclosures is 4.39″ x 2.34″ x 1.06″. About 2″ in height with knob. Pedal will function without power, but uses standard 9V DC power (example: Visual Sound One Spot Adapter) to power the LED. Hand built in the USA.