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We’ve been working hard to catch up on all orders. We’re pretty much there. If you’ve ordered a pedal and have been waiting a month or so, it’ll be shipped today, or tomorrow. We’re getting them all shipped now. We’re still working to stay caught up. If you order a pedal, it’ll still probably be 7-10 days before you receive it, depending on what you order. That’s about average for us since most orders are built to order, and hand painted/built. At least it won’t be over a month. We still have to get the videos up for the new pedals, so be looking out for those too! More »


Hey Friends! Aaron here, Owner of Nose Pedal. I love you, and I know you don’t like waiting on your gear. I know this because I know how it’s like Christmas every time I get a new pedal or piece of gear. So, I just want to be very transparent with you. We are a small company, only 3 of us, just added a 4th, and looking for some new interns to train because we are 2 months behind in production. There are a lot of factors why, but we obviously will take the blame :) I personally have over 13,000 unread emails, yes maybe a fifth or so is junk. Yeah seriously, check out my screen shot. We are a new company trying to keep up with the current high demand which we are grateful for. More »

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