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Hey Friends! Aaron here, Owner of Nose Pedal. I love you, and I know you don’t like waiting on your gear. I know this because I know how it’s like Christmas every time I get a new pedal or piece of gear. So, I just want to be very transparent with you. We are a small company, only 3 of us, just added a 4th, and looking for some new interns to train because we are 2 months behind in production. There are a lot of factors why, but we obviously will take the blame :) I personally have over 13,000 unread emails, yes maybe a fifth or so is junk. Yeah seriously, check out my screen shot. We are a new company trying to keep up with the current high demand which we are grateful for. More »


Back in January, we decided to officially add a new product line to our company, pedalboards. They have been a blast to work on, and we’re loving the feedback we’re getting from you guys. We’ve been very busy lately trying to keep up with production, sales, as well as continuing to develop more products and get them ready to sell. Thanks for your patience! We have a lot of pedalboard designs we haven’t gotten up on the website yet, but here is a cool little pedalboard video for now… More »

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