IMPT Message: Nov 4th, 2015 - "Order Time Frames"

Hello all! We've added a lot of new stuff to the website- new designs, custom pedals, pictures, etc. Make sure to refresh your browser to see it all!

We're staying pretty caught up right now. Current time frames on NEW orders from the website store should be shipped out in 7- 10 days. Mods are 10-20 days depending on the type of mod. Custom orders and Pedalboards are currently around 2-4 weeks depending on the ease or extremity of the order. Check our Instagram posts to see all of our recent works, @nosepedal.

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Hello world, entrepreneurs, developers, inventors, and business owners alike! ┬áNosePedal is looking for new partnership, or even ownership. Starting now to get the word out, we want this offer to extend farther than our own sphere of influence. We feel like we have developed a good platform for building a company brand and are simply looking for what’s next.


Obviously, our type of company is not the typical company any person sets out to build. In the beginning we set out to create a DDIY company (Don’t Do It Yourself). Instead, let us do it for you! We have spent the last 4 years working hard at an idea for a company in a very competitive market, yet, have succeeded in developing income. Our ultimate goal has been to create a “brand”, not just a guitar effects pedal company. In fact, if you really know us, we’re really not an effects pedal company at all. More »


#1) Denbo’s Buffered AB-ABY
This first pedal is a custom built pedal for bassist Tim Denbo from Nashville, TN. He is a both a concert and band style bass player. He requested a buffered pedal with an AB Input, AB Output, and Both Output option. He is running two different types of basses (sometimes upright and electric) into his board, with multiple options of outputs- usually direct and amp. More »

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