IMPT Company Message: May 26th, 2015 - "Time Frames & Changes"


Hey guys. We're still about 6 weeks out on all orders and builds. Soon this year we will only be selling custom orders and mods from the website. All other products will be handled by our dealers. This will help speed up sales and delivery times! Yay.


We are in conversations to become a dealer-seller-only company. Hopefully soon this year (date not set yet), we will only be selling custom orders and mods through the website. All product will be sold through dealers. So contact us and jump on board!

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Named after it’s customer, the Giorgio is a bit crazy for a custom build. So here we go:
1. Loop A or B at the beginning of the signal chain.
2. Buffer circuit between Loop 1 (A orB) and Loop 2.
3. The buffer has a true bypass toggle on the side with a dual colored LED in the middle. Red for off, green for on
4. Other 3 loops all have trails toggles.
5. Installed a “power out” jack to run power to another pedal via 9V adapter cable.
6. Yes, we fit it all in this enclosure with a nice sparkle red finish. Layout requested by the customer. More »


Straight to the point. Small, lightweight, compact, and a very affordable board/case combo. You can order on the Briefcase Series page, choosing your main board style and the accent style. The accent style can be placed on the sides or center of the case. There are 3 sizes, 17″ x 12.5″ the Intern, 24″ x 12.5″ the Associate, and 32″ x 12.5″ the Executive. At only about 4″ in total thickness, More »

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