IMPT Message: May 6th, 2016 - "Order Time Frames"

For website store orders, turnaround time right now is only 2-5 business days. Custom orders do take longer though. For DL4 mods and custom pedal orders we're at 2-5 week turnarounds. For pedalboards we're at 3-7 week turnarounds. All pedalboards are all treated as custom, are much more difficult, and take longer than custom pedals to get out the door. It's difficult to give exact turnaround estimates because orders vary in sizes/difficulties and we receive orders at random- so we can only give estimates.

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Custom builds are always fun, no matter how strange/original they may be. These are two recent custom pedals we’ve built that both have boost circuits involved. This first pedal is a mini mixer pedal with tons of extra features. It has 3 inputs for instrumental mixing, then all 3 inputs are sent to a boost circuit that features a clickless “soft touch” switch for engaging.Lastly, there are two buffered outputs- both outputs receiving all 3 input mixes as well as the boost control. Custom painted with a black sparkle paint job, red accents, and clear knobs. More »


Happy to announce that NosePedal has added a great addition to the company. This is Aaron… #2. What an awesome name. He came all the way from Boston, MA to Nashville, TN. He is a super talented Berklee College of Music guitarist, very creative, a phenomenal pedal builder, a SUPER cool dude, and most importantly… a Star Wars fan. He’ll be helping speed things up around here and I’m sure you’ll have some great conversations with working with us through emails. We’ve already been talking about so new ideas to add to the company. Be looking for new lines of custom gear with custom builder pages. Lots of fun ahead! Thanks for coming on board Aaron. More »

Featured Video: Aaron Overdrive!!!

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