IMPT Message: June 3rd, 2015 - "Changes & Order Time Frames"

Hello all! We're currently undergoing some company changes while also backed on orders. For now, we are unable to fulfill NEW orders quickly, so we're doing the summer pre-sale. (Read the blog post). We can still take orders and invoice custom orders, but these orders will be placed on a waiting list for the summer pre-sale to be ready by the first week of August. Only invoice orders will receive the summer pre-sale discount. We are making some shifts in the company and need to focus on our current work load so we are not overwhelmed. Updates will be posted here when we're able to fulfill new orders again.

Please do us a favor. Because of our use of time, unless its extremely necessary please do not call or email us asking if we've received your order. If you received the Paypal receipt, then yes we received the order. These are the orders we are working on now. All other current orders are being put on a waiting list for now. Sorry to ask that, but thanks for helping out. Also, if you do contact us, please do not do so on social media. Only because it can be days or even weeks before we find your comment or question and your question can go unanswered. Thanks!

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We’re launching our Summer Pre-Sale. We know waiting isn’t fun, so we’re offering huge discounts for doing so! The pre-sale will run throughout June. Orders will be built in July, and shipped out by the first week in August. If you’re interested in the sale, please email us at to start your order. You can start by emailing us your order. Type “Summer Pre-Sale” in the subject line. From there, we will apply the discount and email you an invoice. More »


Named after it’s customer, the Giorgio is a bit crazy for a custom build. So here we go:
1. Loop A or B at the beginning of the signal chain.
2. Buffer circuit between Loop 1 (A orB) and Loop 2.
3. The buffer has a true bypass toggle on the side with a dual colored LED in the middle. Red for off, green for on
4. Other 3 loops all have trails toggles.
5. Installed a “power out” jack to run power to another pedal via 9V adapter cable.
6. Yes, we fit it all in this enclosure with a nice sparkle red finish. Layout requested by the customer. More »

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