IMPT Message: Feb. 12th, 2016 - "Order Time Frames"

Hey guys. Sorry for getting a bit behind this week. I had a lot of extra work I had to tend to this past week. Thanks for hanging in there. I'm hopeuflly going to be hiring extra help this year to speed up orderes.

Current time frames on NEW product orders from the website store should be shipped out in 7- 10 days. Mods are 10-20 days depending on the type of mod. Custom orders and Pedalboards are currently around 2-4 weeks depending on the ease or extremity of the order. Check our Instagram posts to see all of our recent works, @nosepedal.

So currently, NosePedal is mostly a one guy opperation with extra help here and there. I'm doing my best to stay caught up building all pedals, custom pedals, mods, and boards & cases. There's a lot of work to be done. I'm currently making changes in the business as well as looking for new help. Employees for this type of work aren't the easiest to come by. It takes time finding the right people with the right skills and personaltiy. Thanks for your patience as NosePedal continues to grow, and thank you for the busness you've given! -Aaron

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Recently, we’ve designed a few custom amp head switchers. We don’t keep amp switchers on the product page because 1) amp channel switchers are designed differently for different amps and 2) we’ve rarely ever received a request for the same amp footswitch twice. This first one was for a customer who owns a vintage Multivox Echo. It’s a delay head with 4 footswitch inputs for reverb, echo, and sound on sound. It features the power out connection on the back. More »


Hello world, entrepreneurs, developers, inventors, and business owners alike! ┬áNosePedal is looking for new partnership, or even ownership. Starting now to get the word out, we want this offer to extend farther than our own sphere of influence. We feel like we have developed a good platform for building a company brand and are simply looking for what’s next.


Obviously, our type of company is not the typical company any person sets out to build. In the beginning we set out to create a DDIY company (Don’t Do It Yourself). Instead, let us do it for you! We have spent the last 4 years working hard at an idea for a company in a very competitive market, yet, have succeeded in developing income. Our ultimate goal has been to create a “brand”, not just a guitar effects pedal company. In fact, if you really know us, we’re really not an effects pedal company at all. More »

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