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Back in January, we decided to officially add a new product line to our company, pedalboards. They have been a blast to work on, and we’re loving the feedback we’re getting from you guys. We’ve been very busy lately trying to keep up with production, sales, as well as continuing to develop more products and get them ready to sell. Thanks for your patience! We have a lot of pedalboard designs we haven’t gotten up on the website yet, but here is a cool little pedalboard video for now… More »


This was a super fun custom build that took some thinking from both us and the customer. He needed lots of control at the bottom of his pedalboard. So we have two custom control strips and a multi tap tempo all in matching black and labeled custom according to his pedalboard setup. The first control strip features five true bypass loops and an order swapper that has a second LED indicator. The fifth loop is for his compressor pedal which he wanted to be able to swap back and forth from the end of the looper chain to the beginning of the looper chain. More »

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