Customer Service Message: April 20th, 2015 - "Current Time Frames"

So we're making some changes. Yay. We know, we need more help in customer service. This is the area we've lacked the most for sure. Let us be the first to admit, we're not perfect and we've messed up a few orders since we've been a company. We know :) We do apoligize for the mishaps. We hate making mistakes, but we learn from them. We're striving to change- to become better in serving you. We're working hard to answer every email that comes in ASAP. We're working hard to build your orders as fast as we can. We've recently brought in two new guys to our team to help speed up these areas. We're super excited about growth and finally catching up and trying to stay on top of all orders. We're going to be as real and honest with you as possible. We're just some normal, nice dudes in Nashville making fun guitar toys. We're still a small company, please bear with us. Thanks for doing so.

We’re about a month out on all pedals, and about 2-3 weeks out on pedalboards and cases. We have the privilege of working on a lot of custom work for customers, which tends to take longer. Over the next few weeks we’re working hard to bring time frames down significantly. Most all of our orders right now, both custom and standard products, are built-to-order. We don’t really keep a “stock” of pedals. We constantly build and ship in batches. Thank you for your patience. When time frames change, we will update you. The sooner you make an order, the sooner you’ll receive it. If we’re able to catch up quicker, you’ll receive it faster. Sorry about delays, but thanks for your awesome business.

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Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. We did! Just wanted to take a minute to let all of our friends know that we are working as fast as possible to finish all of your orders as soon as possible. Remember, we’re only a 3 man team :) We do have all the orders that have come in from the website, and are currently building all of your custom orders now too. We had more orders in November than any month this year, so we’re trying to stay caught up right now. Thanks so much for understanding we are a small company and supporting us. And definitely thanks for your patience!!! More »

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