IMPT Company Message: Nov. 2nd, 2016 "COMPANY FOR SALE! & Currently Not Taking Orders"

NosePedal is on the open market for sale to new ownership. Open market meaning that if anyone is interested in taking over NosePedal, both individual and/or company, feel free to contact us on the Contact Page of the website. We'll be happy to answer any questions and provide you with more info. During this process, we will not be taking new orders as we are working to fulfill current projects.

Quick update for orders. Currently, we're not taking any new orders because of a company shift and current work load. We're using the remainder of November and December to fulfill all current orders and ship them out. Any current orders in the queue is being worked on now and will ship as soon as possible. Please use this message as the update on your order. Thanks for your patience!

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Hey everyone. NosePedal, as the company, is on the open market for sale- individual or company. I, Aaron the owner, am moving on to pursue other areas of business. During this time, we will not be taking any new orders. We’re working to fulfill the current orders and get them shipped asap. NosePedal has been a very fun brand to build, but now I’m looking to hand it over so the company can explore new possibilities. When starting this business, my intention was to one day sale it. I will be happy to personally connect with you with more information and answer any questions you have. Simply make contact on the Contact Page of the website and make sure “Interested In NosePedal Ownership” is selected for the subject.
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We’re constantly getting requests for custom pedals, and they get more and more custom… or, more and more weird. All good though. They are fun to figure out with customers, and bring them to life. The longer NosePedal is around, the more you’ll see additions to the custom projects on the website. This will help you get ideas for your rig. Whether it’s signal routing, loopers, buffers, boosts, just ask, we can probably get it done for you. Here are a few recent custom pedals… More »

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