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We have a new baby. Our new Noble Overdrive. A completely new and original designed circuit, the Noble is a non-transparent overdrive designed with special JFET transistors that are made specifically for audio and will break up like a tube amp delivering true and real overdrive. The tone knob on this baby is your standard 12′clock tone knob either. It will add a very generous amount of highs and presence that will make your neck pick-up come to life. More »


We’ve been working hard to catch up on all orders. We’re pretty much there. If you’ve ordered a pedal and have been waiting a month or so, it’ll be shipped today, or tomorrow. We’re getting them all shipped now. We’re still working to stay caught up. If you order a pedal, it’ll still probably be 7-10 days before you receive it, depending on what you order. That’s about average for us since most orders are built to order, and hand painted/built. At least it won’t be over a month. We still have to get the videos up for the new pedals, so be looking out for those too! More »

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