Company News: April 20th, 2017

As many of you know, NosePedal is now under a new partnership, ownership, and management team. In the last two months, we've began the overall transition which has included establishing a new location, training and workflow, as well as building a team. We're still in the process of building the team and developing new ideas, but it's been great start. We've been back taking orders for awhile now and able to get backed orders and new orders out the door. This stuff isn't easy, so thanks for your patience! Be sure to check our our sister company Westminster Effects!

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We’re constantly getting requests for custom pedals, and they get more and more custom… or, more and more weird. All good though. They are fun to figure out with customers, and bring them to life. The longer NosePedal is around, the more you’ll see additions to the custom projects on the website. This will help you get ideas for your rig. Whether it’s signal routing, loopers, buffers, boosts, just ask, we can probably get it done for you. Here are a few recent custom pedals… More »


We know ordering a big mod package for the DL4 is a big decision, so we want to really make it worth it for you. Right now, you can save big when ordering a Fully Loaded DL4 mod package which includes 11 mods. Check out the DL4 page for all of the mod details. When ordering this DL4 mod package, you’ll receive 30% off the new Aaron Overdrive. Also, if you decide to purchase the discounted Aaron Overdrive, you’ll receive a FREE custom paint job for your DL4 order. That’s an extra $50 in savings, and a total of $109.70 in overall savings. Email us to get this custom order going for you now. You’re going to love your new pedals!!! More »

Featured Video: A-A-Ron Overdrive!!!

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